Terms and conditions of use 

They govern the contractual relationship between Classic Fine Foods and Classic Fine Foods customers wishing to make online purchases of products available on the www.classicfinefoods-vn.com website.

These Special Terms and Conditions of Online Sale are complementary to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Classic Fine Foods's customers.

These Special Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time by Classic Fine Foods.


Classic Fine Foods offers its customers, making purchases directly related to their professional activity, an online shopping service, via the website www.classicfinefoods-vn.com, for non-food and food products.

Only the products available for sale on the www.classicfinefoods-vn.com website are subject to these Special Conditions of Online Sale.

Conditions of access

Any Classic Fine Foods customer, holder of a customer account with Classic Fine Foods can benefit from this online sales service.


- Classic Fine Foods is obliged to provide accurate and transparent information about products such as origin, price and product image.

- Provide full invoice and receipt upon payment and delivery

- Delivery time is announced and done exactly as told to the customer

- Buyer is obliged to provide complete and accurate information such as address and contact method, invoicing information for the order so that shipping and payment can take place smoothly.


- In case the customer has placed an order but does not receive the goods and pay, the customer's purchase account will be recognized by Classic Fine Foods and locked the transaction function within 1 week.

- In case, the delivery development is slow compared to the warning time within 24 hours and the error on the part of Classic Fine Foods, the customer can unilaterally cancel the order.

Order and order confirmation

Product orders must be placed by the Classic Fine Foods customer online at www.classicfinefoods-vn.com

In general, the Classic Fine Foods customer is responsible for all online purchases made through their Classic Fine Foods internet account.

An order number will be allocated to the Classic Fine Foods customer once the order has been duly validated and payment has been accepted.

A "your order is confirmed" message will appear on the customer's screen and an order confirmation will be sent to the customer by email with the order number.

In the event that payment for the order is refused, the order will be cancelled and the customer will be notified by e-mail.

The Customer's order is final. The Customer has no right of retraction or cancellation of the order, except with the prior explicit and exceptional agreement of Classic Fine Foods.

Modifications to the terms and conditions

Classic Fine Foods reserves the right to terminate or modify the offers present on the website www.classicfinefoods-vn.com at any time without prior notice to the customer. In case of contradiction between the present conditions and the Classic Fine Foods general terms and conditions of sale, the present conditions will prevail.


Classic Fine Foods deserves the right to immediately terminate the online sales services in writing in the event of any fault on the part of the customer, in particular in the event of non-payment, repeated absences of the customer on the day of delivery, disputes of any kind affecting the business relationship.

Acceptance of the conditions.

By using the online sales service and by validating an order via the website, the customer acknowledges having read and accepted the present Special Conditions of Online Sales. The validation of his order by the customer of Classic Fine Foods implies the acceptance of these Special Terms and Conditions of Sales.