Carabineros Frz 8-10 (~1kg) - Terre D'Azur

Carabineros Frz 13-20 (~1Kg) - Terre D'Azur

Real weight could be changed approx. 100g-500g, and the prices will be charged according to the real weight.

Packaging: ~1KG/PC (Order Packaging in PC)

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For 60 years, Hispamare have been fishing premium quality, sustainable and wild-caught seafood in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea. They combine their familial tradition and knowledge of fishing with the latest freezing technology to offer the best and freshest seafood.

Frozen Red Carabineros Prawns are wild caught Plesiopenaeus edwardsianus species. The prawns are sashimi grade, large in size with a great succulent texture and subtly sweetness. Frozen Red Carabineros Prawns are sustainably caught in the seas surrounding Morocco and Spain.

Allergens: Crustaceans, Sulphites

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