Cookies Chocolate Chips In Iron Box (200G) - La Mère Poulard

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La Mere Poulard is a famous culinary brand born in 1888 in the Mont St.Michel region of France, with many famous delicious dishes. Round-shaped, brown-colored Biscuits with a variety of flavors, which are created from 100% French recipes and always with natural local ingredients such as eggs from free-range hens, Butter from hormones-free cows, no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no GMO.

The main ingredient: Cacao butter, flour, egg, butter, natural vanilla flavoring, baking powder

  1. Sablé is a delicious and delicate buttery biscuit melting in the mouth.
  2. Palet is a rich and savory buttery shortbread delight
  3. Caramel is simply an irresponsible golden and crispy caramel delicacy.
  4. Cookies is a gorgeous buttery cookies best taste ever for gourmets.

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