Earl grey Yin Zhen (2g)*500 - Black Tea - Dammann Frères

Carton Box with 500 tea bags

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Earl Grey (or early black tea) comes from the brand Dammann Frères

Brand Dammann Frères is a premium and oldest tea brand in France. This premium tea brand dates back to 1692. Renowned and loved for its unique and elegant flavors. The tea flavors are diverse, from rich and passionate to more ethereal ones.

It can be said that the taste of Dammann Frères tea is very natural, from fragrant floral notes to sweet fruit flavors. This will definitely be a premium tea brand for the most discerning tea guests.

Earl grey or (county black tea) by Dammann Frères, brings the warm aroma of black tea, with a hint of sweet Bergamot. These two flavors blend with a bit of dried flower petals, bringing warm emotional notes, for those who love the timeless classic taste of earl grey tea.

Earl gray tea was discovered by the British Prime Minister, during a visit to China. Thanks to the aroma of Bergamot, Earl Grey Tea possesses a unique taste. Help you feel more relaxed and relaxed

You can enjoy your earl gray tea the traditional way, with our earl grey tea recipe: Earl Grey Summer Cocktail suggestions, or enjoy it your own way.

  • Dominant note : Citrus fruits
  • Type(s) of tea : Black Tea
  • Main flavor : Bergamot
  • Allergène(s) : Product may contain incidental traces of nuts and peanuts

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